Why Refurbished IT and Technology Hardware is so Popular in 2020

The whole world is suffering from the impact of  COVID-19. To fight this virus, countries and organisations all around the world have had to implement strict lockdown rules, which has impacted global production and supply chains causing key technology components to go into constrain. In such a situation where there is a huge gap between the supply and demand of products, refurbished hardware is the way to go. Refurbished hardware is aviable now and ready for all to use in this new dynamic ‘norm’. Below are a few key benefits why refurbished IT and Technology Hardware has grown in popularity and helping to keep organisations moving forwards during these tough times.

  1. Work-from-home has become a norm

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, companies have no other option than to meet the work-from-home guidelines issued by the government even whilst certain guidelines have been relaxed. Not everyone has their own laptops, PCs or home office setup which has led to an increase in demand for laptops, desktop PCs, monitors and accessories. This demand is an immediate one, and due to production slowdown in many countries, people are now turning towards refurbished hardware due to immediate availability and choice.

  1. Affordable

The economy has taken a big hit with many employees being furloughed or losing their jobs due to the lockdown. Organisations are thinking more about saving money and only spending on more immediate and necessary IT and technology purchases. The mindset of organisations is changing with affordability becoming a strong factor. Companies are now opening up to the idea of opting more for refurbished hardware, which offers significant savings without sacrafising performace and quality. No matter the size of an organization, all sectors and SMB industries (including Enterprise organisations) are utilising refurbished hardware to keep businesses running and priductivty time up whilst saving money where possible. There is always a refurbished option to meet your budget.

  1. Sustainable IT

You can make a sustainable difference in reducing e-waste and overexploitation of resources by adopting refurbished IT and Technology hardware, whether it’s a laptop, desktop PC, monitor or accessories. We work with carefully selected parners towards upcycling and recycling as much equipment as possible.

IT Manufacturing – Did you know that the production of one single PC requires 1.7 tons of raw materials and water?

Natural Resources – Did you know that when buying a refurbished device you reuse a set of valuable natural resources.

Europe’s e-waste – Did you know that Europe alone is generating 12.3 M tonnes of documented IT waste annually?

Protecting the environment becomes a task for everybody.

Let’s explore refurbished IT and Technology Hardware today, it’s free to do and we are confident you will be pleasantly surprised at the class and quality of products that are widely available for tomorrow.

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