Why is my laptop fan so loud?

Is your laptop fan getting on your nerves? Although working from a laptop has a lot of benefits, this can be one of the most distracting noises especially when you’re at work!

Occasional noise is pretty typical, however if the noise is persistent, it may be due to one of the following issues: 

  • Software issues
  • Blocked vents
  • Hard disk failure 
  • Malware
  • Outdated drivers

Why is my fan making noise? 

Laptops usually come with fans to cool your device down, without them it would overheat and shut down. Most laptops have fans on the bottom which allow the heat to flow out and usually only turn on when they are supposed to. 

However, if your laptop is under an extreme load, it can increase the amount of noise made by your fan. If you are working in a particularly hot environment, a quick fix could simply be to cool your device down. Another common reason for fans overworking is that the vents are covered, for example, if you are using your laptop on a soft furnishing. 

As well as this, playing games or rendering videos could also cause your fan to make more noise. 

Below are some quick tips to stop your noisy laptop fan. 


  • Shut down processes

When you are running too many processes or have a lot of tabs open, you may be overloading your laptops processor/RAM which will cause it to overheat. The best way to resolve this quickly is to shut the processes down. 

Windows: Use ‘Task Manager’ by pressing ‘CTRL, Alt and Del’. Launch the application, right click on a process and select ‘End Task’. 

MacBook: Select ‘System Preferences’ then ‘Users’ and then ‘Startup’ where you can shut down any unnecessary tasks. 


Dust is probably the number 1 cause of loud laptop noise. Dust can cause damage to your device, mainly by obstructing the fan causing it to get louder. Although dust build up is inevitable, if you annually clean your laptop’s processor cooler you can avoid this happening. 

To do this all you need is a screwdriver to open the laptop and a can of compressed air to remove dust particles. Using the air in short bursts you can remove dust and hair from the fan and heat sinks. 

If you are not feeling confident to do this yourself, consult a friend who is more experienced or take your laptop to a professional who may charge a small fee to do this. 

WARNING: If your laptop is under warranty, opening it will void this! Be sure you know what you are doing or take your laptop to a professional who can help. 


  • Use an additional laptop cooler

If you need to run multiple processes at once, having a cooler will reduce the work your fan is doing. Laptop coolers look like plates of metal with fans in the base which are designed to maximise airflow. 

You can also get cooler stands which allow more airflow and ventilation. Laptop coolers are recommended for anyone using their laptop to (a) Render videos (b) Play demanding games or (c) Put the machine under load for a long period of time.

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  • Remove malware 

Malware is virus software which is designed to interrupt, damage or gain unauthorised access to your system. If your laptop has malware it can cause an increase in your laptop’s working temperature, contributing to loud fan noises. 

To resolve this issue you can install antivirus software onto your laptop to ensure better security and maintenance. To check if you have malware on your device you should check the ‘Process’ tab under ‘Task Manager’. If you find anything with weird letters, disorganised words or things with strange names these are all signs of malware. 


  • Replace your fan 

If your fan is making noise suddenly or making loud rattling or buzzing noises – it might be time to simply replace the fan. There are a variety of videos on YouTube which can show you step-by-step how to change the fan on your laptop. However, we would not recommend you do this unless you are familiar with laptop repair. 

HP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ikk_E6iI-4

Acer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ou8HdBAvVqo

It may be best to go to YouTube and find your specific laptop to get the most accurate tutorial. 

To recap, you can fix your laptop’s noisy fan by: 

  1. Shutting down processes
  2. Cleaning your laptop
  3. Using a laptop cooler
  4. Remove malware
  5. Replace your fan

If you have done all of these things and your fan is still making a lot of noise, it could be time for a new laptop. At Techfident we have a huge range of laptops available from our online shop, here you can find the tech you need today.