Should I buy or build a Gaming PC?

Deciding to build your own gaming PC can be a truly daunting task, especially if you have little to no experience with hardware components. You need enough time on your hands to dedicate yourself to researching and sourcing specific components that align with your budget and needs, there’s also the expectation of unforeseen problems arising. Nowadays, however, information is far more readily available than it ever has been to give you the guidance needed. While taking on such a task can be intimidating, there are some significant advantages to building a PC yourself.

Buy or Build PC


With a pre-built PC, you’re restricted to what parts were available to the producer at the time and important design decisions will be out of your control. When building your own from scratch, exactly what parts and the creative direction you take are entirely at your own discretion. This gives you the freedom to really fine-tune your build to meet your specific needs and customise it to meet your individual preferences. 


Building a PC is most definitely the way to go if you’re on a budget and want to save a bit of money. Choosing and sourcing all your own parts ensures you can shop around and find the best prices, and will also save you paying the premium cost of labour that comes with buying a pre-built system. You can even buy used parts to bring the cost down even further and still be able to build a very powerful budget system. 

Understanding your own system

Once you’ve done the research and built your own PC, the knowledge of hardware you’ll develop is a great skill to have, especially moving forward when it comes to maintaining your system and being able to troubleshoot problems that will eventually arise. Having that knowledge will also be massively beneficial if you decide to upgrade your system, understanding what parts relate to which specs you wish to upgrade will make your job significantly easier.

While the benefits of building a PC are numerous, it’s important to respect and acknowledge the challenges that come with it, especially if you are a novice when it comes to hardware. Putting together your own gaming PC will take hours of research and then even more hours of manual labour to get it up and running- plus the waiting time to get the right parts. Another concern with building your own system is that different parts will have different warranties, and if you buy used parts it is likely that they won’t come with a warranty. If you do have time, patience and dedication to building your own gaming PC, it will give you a real sense of pride and satisfaction in having a system entirely designed and built for you.

Buying a Gaming PC

If you don’t have the spare time to really give building a gaming PC its due diligence, there’s no shame at all in buying a pre-built system, in fact, you would be far better off buying a professionally built PC than attempting to build it half-heartedly under time constraints Although it will cost you more, there are benefits to buying a pre-built gaming PC outright.

Firstly and most obviously- it’s done for you, from sourcing components and checking their compatibility to getting it started and ensuring everything works as intended, this will remove the stress of worrying about what can go wrong as well as save you a lot of time. Also, spending that extra money gives you the added benefit of a warranty on the entire build, not just the individual parts, this means that if you encounter any issues, the company will be liable to repair it for you. 


The cost of a pre-built system is more often than not going to be higher than the cost of building your own PC. You’re paying for the labour of building the system, someone to do all the testing and compatibility tests and the parts chosen by them. It also is much harder to customise your PC as the manufacturer will use what is available to them. But if you have the spare cash and not time, you’ll generally be better off buying a pre-system, along with the reassurance that it will be working and ready to go with much less hassle of piecing together your own. Ultimately, it’s a decision that is personal and often circumstantial, there are many factors to consider in making the right choice for you.

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