5 ways to help reduce IT complexity

As IT infrastructures grow and evolve, they can become increasingly complex to the point of impacting productivity. A winning solution for many businesses lies in the simplicity that hybrid IT provides.

The digital transformation journey has seen hybrid IT arrive as a solution to tackle escalating complexities around many IT infrastructures to essentially reduce these complexities.

What is hybrid IT? 

This is where an organisation uses both cloud and on-premises IT. Hybrid IT can make businesses more flexible and agile, giving them the scalability to grow and flourish whilst limiting large costs associated with cloud, but enabling traditional infrastructure to be just as flexible as cloud solutions. By reducing complexity with hybrid IT, IT teams of companies can spend more time innovating and less time ‘keeping the lights on’ or ‘fighting fires’ around their infrastructure.

Any business can utilise the simplicity of hybrid IT and streamline operations to dramatically increase the speed of an infrastructure’s functionality and keep productivity at high capacity.

What can you do to keep your IT infrastructure optimal and reduce complexities?

  1. Manage it
    Efficiency and ease of management are vital elements around hybrid IT.
    The task in hand for IT Support partners and vendors is to be able to offer a single, unified view of the health of thousands of server profiles, storage devices and enclosures and more across multiple data centres with the right management tool. 

Businesses would be well advised to invest in a hybrid IT management tool that will enable them to simplify management of their infrastructure and overseeing physical and cloud aspects of the infrastructure seamless.

  1. Get service support
    Get support and expert advice, this is by far one of the best methods to reduce rising complexities of an IT infrastructure through hybrid IT. As a company’s hybrid IT evolves and develops, businesses may need external expertise to reduce any emerging complexities.

There are various options on this front from Managed Service Provider (MSP) to directly with the vendor as most major vendors all have direct support channels from free basic support to more premium paid for plans. If in doubt, don’t go it alone and get support.

  1. Be ready to scale up
    Technology should enable the growth process, not hinder it. Growth is the lifeblood of businesses and companies want technology which assists on this upward trend.
    When it comes to hybrid IT, if companies fail to prepare for their growth, this can cause growing pains as additional capability is bolted on. To pre-empt this issue, businesses need to plan in advance to ensure their hybrid IT has the scalability it needs. Especially when companies are building up their remote and branch offices.
  2. Flexibility is key
    Hybrid IT can become increasingly complex when organisations have to make specific decisions about how to manage their infrastructure but do not have the flexibility to action those choices.
    For example, many organisations want the flexibility of a cloud infrastructure but do not want to move all applications in the cloud. This might be for security or compliance reasons. 

Not having the flexibility to choose can complicate matters for businesses. Therefore, investing in a hybrid IT infrastructure which enables a business to make the right decisions for its specific needs is key.

  1. Keep it reliable
    Systems that do not have the required reliability slow down IT teams and increase costs, this is an additional complication which also drains productivity. Businesses must ensure they have a robust, reliable hybrid IT infrastructure which can be relied on to deliver ongoing functionality and maintain optimal levels of performance.

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