5 reasons why you will prefer working on a desktop computer at home.

It’s expected that lots of people will carry on spending at least part of their week working away from the office. With home now a permanent place of work, laptops and notebooks offer a portable office suite but let’s not forget the functionality and big advantages of the larger screen, keyboard and processor that a desktop computer can provide.

  1. Agile working. 

Having two permanent or flexible places of work means there is less travelling between home and the office which ultimately helps to save time, money and the environment. 

  1. Better value.

Choosing a desktop computer over a laptop or notebook can get you a lot more a lot more for your money. Desktops often offer higher spec tech for a lower price than the equivalent laptop. 

  1. Larger, more powerful processor. 

In general, desktop computers can fit in a lot more processing power than laptops. What benefit does this offer? Multitask using a wider variety of apps whilst running in the background and get work done faster!

  1. Larger screen and keyboard. 

Display technology in this day and age from the likes of Lenovo, Dell and HP to name a few, offer incredible high-resolution screens which makes it much easier to work on than smaller screens. Especially if you’re working with multiple spreadsheets or design platforms like Photoshop, CAD etc. 

  1. Quicker, easier and cheaper to repair.

Because you’re not moving your desktop computer around, unlike a laptop or notebook, you’re less likely to drop it or damage it. But even if you do, it’s much cheaper and easier to get and install replacement parts for a desktop computer.

Whether you are running a small business or the IT department of a large enterprise, Techfident is on hand to help you review and understand the many benefits that desktop computers offer for your home-office.

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