10 tips to improve your online security

Let’s keep things simple and safe. Here are 10 easy to follow tips to keep your devices and data as safe as possible. 

The internet is constantly changing, just when you think you have a firm grip on best practises a new threat comes along. However, there are a few simple principles that will still keep you safe online for the foreseeable future.

Use these 10 easy to follow tips for upping your personal security online and improving your data privacy.

  1. Use unique passwords – there are so many reputable password managers out there that can create and store complex, unique passwords for you. There really is no excuse for reusing passwords.
  2. Use 2FA/MFA – two-factor or multi-factor authentication is a low-cost way of adding an extra layer of security and all it requires is a phone or hardware token.
  3. Backup your data – you can do this manually onto an external SSD/HDD or USB stick, you can also use backup automation software to a NAS drive or server. Bonus tip: This is also the best way to counter ransomware!
  4. Watch where you click! – always be suspicious of links in emails, on social media or on the web in general. Verify the email sender if possible and if in doubt, don’t click, block it and delete.
  5. Avoid public Wi-Fi or use a VPN – particularly when checking your bank account online or shopping. You don’t want anyone snooping on your browsing.
  6. Try not to overshare – Of course social media is a prevalent part of daily life, but accounts could be a treasure trove of information for someone trying to guess your passwords or secret question answers.  
  7. Encrypt your sensitive data – encryption is increasingly becoming a required part of security legislation and certainly doesn’t hurt if you want to use it on your own computer.
  8. Multiple-layers are key – the best way to protect yourself is to adopt as many of these points as you can. The more layers the better!
  9. Anti-virus – with the right anti-virus software you shouldn’t even notice it doing its thing, but it could protect you from some very nasty malware.
  10. Update your operating system – regardless of your operating system keeping it updated is important. Those updates are there for a reason; don’t put off installing them just to save a few minutes. With just a few clicks and you can have your updates running in the background of when you’re not using your machine.
  11. This is by no means a comprehensive list of security measure but we find these to be most useful, effective and easy to adopt. Give it a try, we want you to be safe not sorry!

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